Cum sa vorbesti fluent in engleza- cateva recomandari


“Inteleg engleza, dar nu prea pot sa o vorbesc.”

Suna cunoscut? Daca te identifici cu marturisirea de mai sus, arunca repede un ochi peste recomandarile ce urmeaza si poate te vei simti o oaresicare usurare descoperind ca ceea ce ti-ai propus nu e atat de greu pe cat credeai. Cel mai important e sa tratezi tot procesul de invatare ca pe o joaca…serioasa. Nu uita sa te simti bine in timp ce inveti!

  1. Citeste, citeste, citeste- ok, parca era vorba de speaking. Este, dar nu putem sa insistam suficient pe cat de important este sa citesti in limba engleza! Mintea inmagazineaza, aduna pasiv cuvinte si expresii pe care va sti la momentul potrivit sa le acceseze. Literatura ofera acest fond, si unul de calitate superioara. Cam orice ajuta in materie de lectura, de la comics, romane SF sau romance pana la literatura victoriana sau poezie, daca vrei sa iti masori puterile si cunostintele in materie de engleza ;) sfat: nu te opri la fiecare cuvant pe care nu il cunosti atunci cand citesti, incearca sa deduci din context- cauta doar ceea ce ti se pare important sau ce iti atrage atentia in mod special.
  2. Lasa deoparte grijile cu privire la gramatica! Gandeste-te ca un vorbitor nativ nu cunoaste nici macar 20% din regulile gramaticale pe care le aplica atunci cand vorbeste- cu alte cuvinte, nu stie de ce se exprima asa si nu altfel, de ce prefera o anumita forma verbala alteia. Intuitia lingvistica se dezvolta in context, adica vorbind cat mai mult, in situatii si despre subiecte cat mai diverse. Deci nu te sfii, express yourself!
  3. Mai utile decat compendiile de gramatica sunt structurile si expresiile (I’m good at…, I used to ……, I’ve decided to….. etc.). daca le retii la orele de conversatie, impreuna cu situatiile in care le utilizezi, intr-un timp relativ scurt le vei aplica automat, fara griji ca nu vei fi inteles sau ca nu ai formulat corect (doua sugestii de link-uri care te pot ajuta in sensul acesta: MinooAngloLink si EnglishTeacherEmma).
  4. Evita sa apelezi la traduceri- daca incerci sa iti traduci in minte propozitii din romana in engleza, iti vei pune bete in roate ;) In afara de faptul ca s-ar putea sa ai surprize inclusiv la nivelul topicii, iti vei bloca fluxul verbal cand te vei intreba “oare ce timp ar trebui sa folosesc aici?”. Scopul tau este sa accesezi direct resursele limbii engleze pentru a te exprima si nu sa fii nevoit sa apelezi la romana ca sa ajungi la engleza.
  5. Filme- uita-te la cat mai multe, cu subtitrari in engleza. Cand dai de ceva care te intereseaza, o expresie, o formulare sau pur si simplu o fraza care iti place, pune pauza si incearca sa repeti- o sa te amuzi, dar o sa si retii mai multe decat crezi!
  6. Cantece- iti plac, dar nu prea intelegi cuvintele. E simplu. Cauta versurile. Variantele cu lyrics de pe youtube sunt foarte indicate pentru o sesiune de karaoke ;)
  7. Asculta radio si/sau audio books in engleza ( si ar fi doua variante). Avantajul acestui tip de exercitiu de ascultare este claritatea exprimarii. Pentru ca se vorbeste calm si rar, iti va fi si tie mai usor sa urmaresti textele, sa le intelegi mai bine si sa prinzi cateva expresii.
  8. Nu uita: vorbirea inseamna comunicare. Cel mai important este sa iti transmiti mesajul, sa te faci inteles. Daca ai reusit asta, ti-ai atins scopul. Restul ce tine de rafinarea si perfectionarea modului de exprimare se face in timp, cu rabdare, constanta si…respectarea pasilor de mai sus ;)

Top 10 Reasons For Learning English

1. It enables access to information. More than 55% of all web pages are in English. To give way to cliché, information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Plus, it is the official language of more countries than any other idiom. If you are keen on names and lists, begin this one with the U.K. and the U.S., of course, but be sure to also include outlandish places such as Zimbabwe, Hong Kong or The Caribbean, after you have added European territories such as Malta or some parts of The Netherlands (keep in mind that England was the world’s largest colonial empire!). Don’t overlook the importance of English as far as popular culture goes- just think of how many songs and movies in this language comprise your daily entertainment. The media hype has slowly turned English into the easiest languages to absorb which works to the best advantage of a potential learner.DA2B0292

2. It is the second most spoken language in the world- after Mandarin (China is, after all, the most populated country in the world). To speak in numbers, English is the official language for over 70 states.the_English_Speaking_World_0

3. Good news: it is not Mandarin Chinese, to continue the parallel between the two languages, hence there are no abstract symbols to tackle. You can still count on the good old ABC to get you through.


4. Key for (better) jobs- English language skills are no longer seen as a marker of the elite, but have turned into a basic competence for potential employees to possess or acquire.


5. Virtually all international business is conducted in English. Since we can’t escape the comparison, with such a growing market as the Chinese one, apparently the English language is sure to maintain and reinforce its dominance within this field for the years to come (and we will let you in on a little secret: the country with the highest number of English learners is, amazingly enough, China).


6. It is your passport for working abroad- if you like a challenge or are simply in search of a change, your chances of finding a job overseas increase significantly if you are an English speaker. It is considered to be the most valuable languages to know, followed- at quite a distance- by French, Spanish and Chinese.


7. …and your best travel companion- be it survival English, the kind that helps you find your way around town and decipher a menu, or advanced English, enabling you to actually communicate, speaking this language is guaranteed to provide free and unhindered movement, making everything easier and more accessible when abroad.


8. International communication is made easy in any circumstance- as it is slowly becoming a lingua franca, allowing the circulation of news and ideas beyond the need for translation, don’t judge yourself too harshly if you’re not perfect at expressing yourself in English. Very few non-native and even native speakers actually are. The key is to keep calm- where have you heard this before?- and continue to speak. To invoke a further argument, the British Council reports that by 2020, two billion people will be studying English- this may just qualify as power in numbers.


9. Top universities are waiting for you- English language is a decisive factor which will determine if you are eligible or not for a program to study abroad. If you decide to study in Berlin, for instance, speaking German is not mandatory, but English is. Admissions exams for international students are usually in English and there are several language tests to be passed, such as TOEFL or CAE, before you become a freshman at Yale or

10. The pleasure of reading Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, J.R. Tolkien…. or Dan Brown (according to preference) in original. In other words, the intellectual delight. English is not just about business, gaining influence and interacting, it is also opening oneself to words, to both the magic and the power beyond them.


Last Day: Water and Fire

Our final day in Bran was water and fire.


Water was our treat for the afternoon :) Thank heaven, this time it’s not the rain we are referring to, but the aqua park in Brasov!


After English classes, we rushed into the buses and we reached our destination before you could say “water slide”. However, there was a whiff on impatience in the air…


We tried to make the most of what time we had left and enjoy each other’s company, all the while dodging any bullets that nostalgia kept shooting at us.


“Teacher, teacher, can we jump from the trampoline?” was all you could hear on and off the bus.


“Pleeease! I haven’t done two years of professional swimming for nothing!”


The efficiency of the interdiction can be seen in the pics…well, if you can’t beat them, photograph them..




In the evening, we returned- wet hair, all bags in place. No key to any of the locker rooms was lost and that in itself may be considered a victory :)


Since we’d been such good campers, we broke with our day to day dinner tradition and went for pizza ;)


And from pizza straight to face painting aaaand…..DSC_1337….the bonfire! With group photos and all ;)






Next morning, after a night of both outdoor and dance floor sparks, we waited patiently for the bus to come and officially drive us out of wonderland.DSC_1460

DSC_1462…Could we just sleep until next summer’s camp?


Day 5: Bran Gang Visits Bran Castle

“It’s now or never”, we muttered to ourselves as we were hiding under the canopy of the restaurant. The midday downpour began with annoying precision at the exact same hour it had started all of the other previous days. But since it was the only time that we could fit the visit to Bran castle into our schedule, we grabbed our raincoats and off we went!


But first thing’s first: after our tea-flavored morning, it was time for the English workshops. Some groups exercised their design skills, others racked their brains trying to remember the first things one usually forgets about one’s country, such as surface, number of inhabitants, etc. Surprisingly enough, we managed to call to mind enough information to satisfy the curiosity of the Brits ;)



Returning to our Bran venture, after lunch we made our way through the drizzle and then up the stairs leading to the castle. Our efforts deserved a group photo session at the entrance, monkey business included.


Speaking of monkey business, what goes better with a raincoat than two pairs of sunglasses?


Bran was nice, although we kind of raced through it. There never seems to be enough time for these things, unfortunately. However, a guide was all too kind as he offered to serve us a slice of Bran history, free of charge ;)



We got something, we gave something in return. Some random impressions….


…and sketches of the castle ;)


In the afternoon, the rain stopped just in time for us to get in the saddle. Great news: we can now ride on our own ;)



And of course the day ended in style, with another session of singing and dancing. At night, as everybody was treading towards the lodge, all you could hear was:

“Teacher, I want to sleep!”

Yes, yes…me too ;)


Day 4: We’ve Got Paintball Guns and We’re Not Afraid to Use Them

We’ve got paintball guns and we’re not afraid to use them!   DSC_0011 ..and crocket mallets, but these aren’t as threatening ;) DSC_0055 If you were wondering about our schedule for day 4, it was all about shooting and shooting stars. Rain gave us a bit of a hard time again, but in the afternoon, the orchard was ready for us. Can you tell who’s who behind the masks? DSC_0009 DSC_0008 Crocket and paintball were awesome, English was entertaining and creative, as always. DSC_0750 But the icing on the cake was the evening agenda. Under a perfectly serene night sky, we enjoyed and sometimes amused ourselves to the camp’s version of Romania’s got talent. And we discovered that we’ve got it indeed ;) DSC_0837   The above metioned talent ranged from singing and dancing all the way to beat box and karate demonstrations. DSC_0841 But we can’t take credit for the most entertaining of acts. Romania’s got talent, of course, but Britain has it as well, especially when it comes to karaoke ;) DSC_0848 And one other thing: they can also cook, but theirs is the kind of cake that you don’t eat, you…..wear :)) DSC_0850

Day 3. We Met the Horses!

Yesterday was finally a completely sunny, not sunny/rainy, day.

DSC_0393We put our sunglasses on and started our morning with a walk to buy some milk for our new and tiny additions to the group.


We continued to play house at our English workshops only that this time it was with our teachers and colleagues ;)


We built our own cities, skyscrapers, rooms, shops, etc. There was enough time for being both active and creative, as some of us played ball, others wrote poems. At the end, it was all good fun.


The highlight of our day were, by far, the horses. After experiencing a little nervousness, we were at ease in the saddle.



Let’s not forget the other part of our mediaeval training, archery. We discovered we are more talented than we thought at this sort of things;) So it’s safe to say that, by the end of this camp, our hunter’s profile will be complete ;)


PS: After the fullest of days, what better way to indulge than a schnitzel-napkin sandwich? ;)


Bran Camp 2014: Second Day, First Impressions.

We’ve met our teachers and the fun has begun! So we’ve scribbled down our thoughts on this first day of English workshops. Be patient with our writing while you go through our testimonials. We’re not perfect, but with the help of our teachers, we’re getting there ;)


Stefan: I enjoyed the games in English especially playing the super heroes and doing our Facebook profiles.

stefan 2


Stefan: I liked this day because we played amazing games with our teacher!

stefan 1

Dana : I felt very well when I learned sign language, because now I can understand how some people feel in society. When you can’t speak and just use your hands, you realize that people can be so strong.


David: This day was the best day because I played air soft and I’ve made a lot of friends.


Vlad: I liked all games…besides air craft.



Maria: I liked this day because I learnt sign language and I played airsoft (shooting target).



Matei: I loved my English class today!



Petra: I liked the teacher so much and also the rest of the things today.



Codruta: Today I enjoyed every activity because all were new and very funny for me. I liked the airsoft workshop . It was very funy and awesome! And the creative writing was also cool. And Alex is the best teacher.


Andrei: I liked airsoft with m9 guns.


Mircea: This day was fun because I made new friends.