Why summer is the best time to learn a foreign language

Summer is relaxation, freedom, fun, creativity, spontaneity – you can add some of your own words to expand the general definition. So it is exactly these that summer adds to the learning process- which, as everybody knows- can sometimes feel like a strain on our playfulness.

This is, therefore, the season to do things a little differently.


It’s worth mentioning that the best way to learn a language is the natural way, like children learn their mother tongue. It is and should be- a process of permanent discovery, in which assimilating new words goes hand in hand with the natural process of discovering yourself and the world.


We have abolished chairs (when and where necessary). Sometimes a colorful carpet can provide the best support for games, communicative activities and other relaxed and fun approaches that always help to boost your vocabulary and enhance that highly desirable sense of the language. Interaction in innumerable ways will also help in terms of self-development, casting a different light on yourself, your ability to communicate and ultimately, your potential.


One essential step towards the defining and refining of the self is communication. And what greater pleasure is there in summer other than engaging conversation?


It is in summer when fair creatures appear. And through their magic, all knowledge and novelty settles in as beautifully as a bed time story. So we let the magical ones out this summer through Fairy Tales and English.

DA2B0075It is our belief that this is also an ideal time to continue preparing for your language tests. Why so? Because you don’t have school-related worrying hovering. It will therefore be easy for your mind to focus on one thing and one thing alone- especially in a setting where there’s lemonade :)


Speaking of, we use lemonade as fuel. Are you familiar with the expression: get your creative juices flowing? Believe you us, lemonade is definitely one of them.


Want one more reason? Well, the plain and simple truth that everything is just easier to do, feel, take in, enjoy even, during summer. Learning included ;)


Cursuri de vara sau cum sa te aperi de caldura prin 9 metode originale

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Limba engleza e, fara inconjur, cool. Ne vom folosi de aceasta calitate universal recunoscuta a ei ca sa iti propunem urmatoarele cooling methods, sub forma unor cursuri de vara:

  1. Vorbeste, vorbeste, vorbeste! Despre cat e de cald, despre ce faci tu vara, despre cine esti si ce iti place, dar si ce nu iti place- nu te intreba “oare cum o sa spun eu toate astea in engleza?” pentru ca ceea ce iti propunem noi este tocmai o reteta deHow to Stop Worrying and Start Speaking .
  2. Ia un evantai- dar nu cumpara unul de la metrou, sunt prea comune :) mai bine fa-ti unul! Nu stii cum? Hai sa facem unul impreuna, la Origami & English .
  3. Personalizeaza-ti evantaiul cu doua-trei ideograme. Hajimemamshite, orele introductive de japoneza, te vor invata. Vara e cel mai bun anotimp sa incerci ceva nou!
  4. Fa o mica incursiune spre “adancimi”: nu te speria- acolo e, de obicei, mai racoare decat la suprafata :) Cum afli drumul? Discover the Inner You adica aventureaza-te pe un taram in care descoperi lucruri despre tine prin jocuri si activitati bazate pe teoria inteligentelor multiple si NLP.
  5. Citeste ceva light. Daca un classic e prea mult, incearca un comic book. Sau ce zici de Classics Turned into Comics? Si uite asa, le poti avea pe amandoua.
  6. Foloseste magia. Aici te invata basmele, cu toata pleiada lor de personaje: zane si vrajitoare, printi si printese etc. Cuvintele magice: Fairy Tales&English- copiii stiu de ce!
  7. Poarta o palarie…ganditoare! Nu stii unde gasesti asa ceva? La cursul de Children’s Rights & Responsibilities. Pe langa faptul ca te apara de cadura, te vor ajuta sa afli mai multe despre ce inseamna sa fii copil in societatea contemporana.
  8. Ca sa nu pierzi antrenamentul si sa eviti eventuala moleseala de la caldura, fa cativa Steps to English for Exams- ne vei multumi la toamna!
  9. …si dupa ce le-ai incercat pe toate, rasfata-te cu o tabara de engleza cum nu s-a mai pomenit, asezonata cu ateliere creative si ore de echitatie!

In words we trust – on Mark Twain’s tracks

Do you believe in words? In people? In people good with words?

As a language center, we trust words. We trust their power to express the inexpressible. To incite and to alleviate. To amuse and to guide. And this belief is at the core of what we do. Without any intention of sounding too pompous, we shall explain. Or, better yet, read this:

‘Don’t tremble. Summon your fortitude.’

Do you feel the strength behind these sentences? The talent, the confidence, the motivation? Wouldn’t you want to know more about someone who can inspire so much by so little? We did, so we took the chance offered by the American Corner and joined them at The National Library for a documentary screening on a rainy morning in June.


His birth name was Samuel Clemens, avid supporter of inventors, steamboat pilot, travel journalist, pen father of the very imaginary, but very realistic- and very loved- Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Choosing a pseudonym meaning “it’s safe to navigate”, alluding to his first occupation of steamboat pilot that allowed him to move as freely as the waters of the Mississippi, Mark Twain treasured pioneering so much that he labeled inventions as “poetry in steel”.

We discovered him step by step, the man who, when writing about slavery, was bold and pragmatic enough to observe that there are fates a lot worse than death, that there had never been and there would never be a just war. A man unafraid to ridicule politics but motivated and caring enough to take an official stand and become involved whenever necessary.


With a life that was anything but dull, a wit and an inner strength that turned so many events into more than enjoyable pieces of literature, we savored his life story as we would any other story written by the man himself.

Whatever new and inciting information- plenty thereof- we discovered, we shared at the end of our get-together. Those who shared most didn’t go home empty-handed. And none of us went home empty-minded- or empty-hearted.


Our most serious mock examination


We called it a CAE/FCE mock examination, but don’t let the name fool you: we took it quite seriously! From 9 am to 4 pm kind of seriously! On a Sunday, that is. If you doubt it, just look at the exhibits below and please take note that all relevant signs are there:

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Songs to get you through the week

It’s Just Another Manic Monday

…and so, the week begins. For The Bangles, Monday is the day “you wish your bed was already made”, when it takes you “so long just to figure out what you’re gonna wear” and you tell yourself with profound resignation: “If I had an aeroplane, I still couldn’t make it on time.”It was Prince’s creative genius that sprouted these lyrics. Even though he wrote it for a different band, the song seems to suit this 80s group perfectly, as you can imagine them doing their famous “walk like an Egyptian” all the way to work on a manic Monday morning.

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We’ve seen Santa!


…and yes, he was as old as we remembered. Funny thing, how he doesn’t seem to grow any older but we cannot recall ever seeing him any younger, either. Santa is ageless, like all good angels of this world. He is quite fond of children, that we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, although he may look your way too-  if you’ve been a fairly good lad, that is- even if you were cast out the Eden of childhood a long time ago. He has a passion for red (thanks to a Coca Cola campaign, but shh! don’t tell a soul); he never shaves and is pretty much a fashion illiterate. But don’t hold it against him, since it’s severely cold where he inhabits, so we seriously doubt there are any blogs written about seasonal trends in a place of never ending, all ruling frost.

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Flying Colours is the name, language perfection is the game

oops 2

Since we truly wanted to share some things with you

We took the liberty of introducing ourselves through the following brew

Of letters and rhymes. Our poem is most modest,

But our intentions, nothing short of friendly and honest.

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